Monday, June 20, 2011

Why recycle? Well, my dear fellow.....

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Most of us played outside growing up-- mud pies and giant maple leaves are the best things pretty much ever. Mud pies constructed ON the giant maple leaves so you can carry them around and show 'em off are even better.

Thing is, in landfills around the country, mud pies and leaves aren't really present. The ground is full of bits of plastic and garbage (hey, not complaining-- it's gotta go SOMEWHERE) instead of pure clean dirt, and majestic maples just can't take root on them.

And, of course, we just keep generating trash. Landfills grow bigger. New ones are constructed as the old ones are allowed to settle and start decomposing. A lot of our refuse does have to go into a place like a landfill, but there's a significant portion that is still reusable-- plastics and metals can be melted down and reformed into something new, paper and cardboard can be chopped up and stuck back together again to make new paper and cardboard.

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If we recycle these materials instead of just throwing them away, we'll reduce dramatically the amount of junk that heads for the landfills. And that'll leave plenty of good clean dirt in other places for the mud pies to be made and the maple leaves to grow as big as they want.

The moral of the story: Recycle! It's not that hard these days. Lots of college campuses provide recycle bins, and more and more towns are encouraging their residents to recycle plastics, metals, glass, and paper. Have a bin or a box near your trashcan to put recycles in when you're throwing stuff out.

And if you live with me at school, well, you can just wait until I squeal at you for tossing an empty bottle in the trash and bring it to the recycle bins myself. But you wouldn't want to take advantage of little me now, would you?

That's about it. Yay, recycling! 8D


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